Amara X-Pads

Amara’s new high density X-Pads are multi-purpose, stackable pads that can be used in many different workout environments. If you’re working out at your local gym, at the park, or at home, easily setup your X-Pads to provide a cross-functional workout environment.

Sold in pairs, the X-Pads provide a safer workout environment by absorbing impact, reducing bounce and reducing unnecessary sounds. The X-Pads can also be used as deadlift pads to minimize damages, prolong the life of your workout equipment and provide a safer workout environment. Use X-Pads to protect your floors, weight plates and barbells from unnecessary cracks, damage, wear and failures. The X-Pad’s strong rubber stops hold weights in place to prevent them from moving and rolling away.

These X-pads are quick and easy to setup and can easily be moved around your gym, park or workout spac. The stackable design allows them to be stored away to declutter workout spaces.